Our Club Policy

Landsdale Netball Club (Inc) - POLICY


Please note that a copy of the player’s birth certificate must be supplied at registration if you are a new player to the club. A requirement by WA Netball.


A FULL refund will be given to a player if the club is unable to place them in a team due to lack of numbers. However on Registration a $100.00 fee will be deducted and retained by the club for administration purposes. 


Our uniform colours are navy blue, teal and white. All teams wear a Landsdale Club dress. Black sports shorts are to be worn under the dress. Bike pants are not permitted at games. Players should wear club socks and proper sports shoes. We insist that all players are in full uniform prior to taking the court.


The Landsdale Netball Club and WDNA have a Code of Conduct for players, team officials and spectators. Acceptance of these policies is automatic upon payment of fees. The Club President will sign the WDNA Code of Conduct on behalf of all registered LNC members. Please read the Code of Conduct so you know your obligations to the club and WDNA. This is to ensure that all concerned will follow the clubs ethos and promote the well being and development of netball. 
All players must realise that they play as part of a team/club, not as an individual. Actions of players reflect on the club as a whole. As club members we must ensure that we promote positive impressions through our:

  • Behaviour, both on and off court
  • Body language
  • Interaction with other teams, players, coaches and umpires
  • Good sportsmanship


The umpire is always right, accept this, players and spectators should not interfere or react with the umpire’s decision. Umpires need to be encouraged and not put down. The umpires need time to develop and with our support, they will become more confident and excel. Without umpires, there is no game of netball.  In general, treat the opposition, as we would like to be treated. Play fairly and always take part in the huddle after each game. Players must be enthusiastic, whether they won or lost. Be good sports.   Omniplan student discount


If a player has been injured and has required medical treatment, the player is not permitted to return to court without a medical clearance from their doctor or physiotherapist. Once the clearance has been obtained the player must complete a full training session before playing or at the discretion of the coach.  


If a player can not take part in the whole training session due to feeling unwell, they will be evaluated as to game time on match day.  


Player’s attendance and participation at training will determine court time on Saturday. All players need to commit to training, that is to treat training as you would a game. It is a requirement that all players put in the same effort at training; this will benefit the whole team and make training fair for everyone.

All players will be given the opportunity to have equal court time, except in the following circumstances:

  • Non attendance at training - HALF GAME OR COACHES DISCRETION
  • Out of uniform – NO GAME
  • Sickness or injury – coach to evaluate
  • Discipline – varies from ½ game to NO GAME